Monday, June 25, 2007

Bedroom Eyes

So we leave town on holiday for a few days and look what happens?? We miss a new release from one of our favorite Swedish indie pop musicians. It should have been a big clue when we returned to find plenty of page hits from today's featured artist's website, but it was only after we found a MySpace comment regarding the brand new Valentine Vacancy EP that the news was realized. We originally featured Bedroom Eyes Last November 15, 2006 [original review + download] and, according to a very reliable source, were the first music blog to do so. As a follow up, we are now posting some of the best jangly indie pop we've heard yet this year. After listening to the new 4 song release from Östersund, Sweden musician Jonas Jonsson and his cast of supporting friends that make up Bedroom Eyes, we are once again blown away. You can probably place a safe bet that our year end Best of 2007 roundup will include the music featured today. For the balance of downloadable tracks and links to upcoming live performance dates, visit the Bedroom Eyes website. There is also a Bedroom Eyes MySpace page you might want to check out for a more information and streaming music. All of the new songs are an excellent listen and the two available below deserve a ridiculously high recommendation from both of us at MML. Take a listen...!!

MP3: Hand-In-Hand Grenade
MP3: (Here's One For You) Underdog

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