Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Silent Sleep: The Scissor Disaster EP

Almost exactly one year ago, in February 2010, we featured the lovely electronic pop of Liverpool, UK collective Hallo... I love You! Since our last mention, contributing multi-instrumentalist Chris McIntosh (also of 28 Costumes and Voo) relocated to Berlin, Germany where he continues to create and record new music under the name Silent Sleep. The debut EP release for his most recent solo project, titled The Scissor Disaster, was just released in late February and serves as the first of three EP offerings to make up an ongoing trilogy for 2011. After having taken in the track You Can Colour Me In from this beautiful new EP, our first instinct was to reach for paint tubes and palette knives, however, we quickly found a window from which to gaze as this sweet and simple acoustic pop song warmed our daydreams. Enjoy a first listen and expect updates on MML as each of the corresponding EP releases are made available in coming months.

MP3: You Can Colour Me In

*Bonus* Video for the song You Can Colour Me In, which was filmed with Chris and friends in Berlin.


Carole said...

Congratulations on your EP launch! Listening to your band is one of the natural sleep aids I do at night. It never fails!

moody said...

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