Sunday, January 04, 2009


While the better part of December was spent giving a taste of things to come in the New Year, some reflection on 2008 is definitely in order with today's featured artist. Kingsbury is the indie rock quartet of Bruce Reed (guitar, keyboard, vocals), Mark Freeman (bass), T.J. Burke (drums, programming) and Samantha Christine (guitar) from Orlando, Florida. The band's catalogue includes a pair of previous EPs, a full length 2007 release in The Great Compromise and, as the most recent addition, a new late-2008 EP titled Lie To Me. From the opening of any given track that belongs to Lie To Me, a subtle undercurrent of early Shriekback takes shape, only to be replaced by an overwhelming salute to The Afghan Whigs once guitars and energy are given a chance to build a healthy momentum. There is a Kingsbury MySpace page as well as a new Kingsbury blog, but your first visit should be to the official Kingsbury website where all of the recorded music can be found and downloaded completely free. For listening purposes, we highly recommend a dimly-lit room, stiffer-than-usual cocktails and maximum volume for your computer speakers in order to make vivid mental images of a young Greg Dulli pulling chords while a cigarette dangles from his lips. If there were a category for sexy male vocals on this blog, MML editor Michelle would certainly have a nomination in hand for Mr. Bruce Reed.

MP3: Lie To Me
MP3: Holy War

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