Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Half Sisters

For those who have skipped ahead in order to listen to the music, please try not to be alarmed when we inform you that today's featured musicians are not residents of Malmö or Stockholm. Instead, what we have on our hands is the young and completely adorable folk trio of Isadora (ukulele, vocals, sister), Freya-Rose (flute, vocals, accordian, sister) and Fifi (drums, vocals, half-sister) who make up The Half Sisters from Brighton, UK. Although they have only been writing and performing this music together since 2008, a highly infectious handful of recent recordings can be found on The Half Sisters MySpace page. While the sound might easily be ready for a label and the exposure such an endeavor could bring, we have an overwhelming feeling this minimal three piece would be equally content in busking any given side-street of their hometown. The next live performance, aside from various late night curb sessions, will take place at local Brighton venue Hector's House on January 29. Take a few moments to listen to what has us smitten... just lovely.

MP3: Come On Loui

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Moneypenny said...

THE HALF SISTERS are performing at OneTaste in Brighton @ The Hanbury Club THIS SUNDAY 27th September - all info see: