Sunday, January 18, 2009


L-R: Gummo, Nan, Matt.

So we've spent an entire week neglecting our precious little music blog while also attempting to weather the sub-zero temperatures that have fallen upon southwestern Ohio in recent days. During this frozen lull in MML action, an upcoming CD along with a nice note were received in the post and we now have some outstanding/ear-warming music to share with you. Our original feature of Schwervon! took place almost two and a half years ago in August 2006 with a follow up as part of our Celebrating The Duo compilation in late 2007. Since that time, the band has come up with a brand new offering that will be released next month, but before getting into any of the details, a first listen is most definitely in order...

MP3: Pretty Slow

Schwervon! is the lovely two-piece of Nan Turner (vocals, drums, keys) and Matt Roth (vocals, guitar) from New York City, New York who, aside from being a long-time couple (not forgetting Gummo the cat), have been a continuous music project since 1999. The latest full length album, titled Low Blow, has recently been completed and is set to be released through the band's own label Olive Juice Music (OJ MySpace) on February 6, 2009. After having a preview of the new album, we have to be forthcoming in admitting that any given track included within the 13 songs that make up Low Blow could have easily been featured as a highlight here today. With that in mind, another random preview is ready for the ears...

MP3: Wake And Bomb

Low Blow is the perfect study on how to avoid the experimental bells and whistles, over-used by plenty of indie bands, in order to present a simple and highly effective rock record. Various classic influences can be found threaded heavily into some of the music, however, there is not a single moment where the balance shifts away from Nan and Matt's collective flavour. Not many bands can claim such a feat. For more new music and information, a Schwervon! website as well as a Schwervon! MySpace page both exist for your convenience. The Low Blow CD release party will take place at local NYC venue Cake Shop on February 6.

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