Thursday, January 21, 2010

Alli Millstein: Human Nature EP

So we've spent the better part of this new year attempting to tie up loose ends from the past 12 months, but at some (this) point we need to let go of our guilt in missing numerous blog-related emails and move forward with 2010. As a final farewell to close out our 2009 files, we present the lovely vocalist/guitarist Alli Millstein from Hartford, Connecticut and her recent collection of songs titled Human Nature EP. Although the featured track, Mend My Heart, clocks in at a mere one minute and forty-five seconds, there is ample time to become smitten with what we consider an honest and beautiful vocal delivery. The next live performance will take place this Saturday afternoon, January 23, in Red Hook, New York at a chocolate mecca/music venue known as Taste Budd's Cafe. For those with a sweet tooth, ear or both, show up at 2pm and also be sure to visit the Alli Millstein Sonicbids page where you can find additional information.

MP3: Mend My Heart

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