Saturday, June 21, 2008

Disco Ditto

Often times, while sorting through potential artists for upcoming music on the blog, we end up choosing music that is not brand new. The songs can be a couple of years old, a distant memory by today's music blog standards, but might not have received the exposure we believe they deserve. Enter our featured artist-o-the day. Disco Ditto is primarily the music project of a multi-instrumentalist songwriter from Singapore, who is simply known to us as AZ, along with additional musicians Mar (bass), Bach (drums) and Fid (guitar) to complete the full band lineup. In 2004, AZ was an active member of the band Valium as well as Athena Flight. During the years that followed his primary focus on those bands, a decision was made to continue collecting thoughts and musical ideas to funnel into a new soundscape. You can listen to the results of his labor, over what he describes as a "busted" computer, by visiting the Disco Ditto MySpace page. There is also a Disco Ditto AMP profile for more info and music. From what AZ explained to me, we can expect new tracks in the near future.

If you have the chance, we highly advise having a cold glass of water or early cocktail while lounging out in the sun on any given grassy surface while listening to the following 12 minutes of music... enjoy.

MP3: Drift (live)

Bonus MP3: Athena Flight - Away From The Sun

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