Thursday, June 05, 2008

MML Blog Update: Moving Days...

No no, we are not moving the MML music blog. We actually love our little home here on Blogger and plan on sticking around for quite some time to come. In case you aren't familiar with our current situation, Michelle and I decided to brave the over-hyped and mostly media driven "credit crunch" in order to take advantage of a truly wounded housing market. The result of our latest endeavor ended up being the purchase of a Dutch Colonial Revival style home that was built in 1920. It's a well cared for old house, but it will need some work for sure... pictures to come. The only drawback of our relocation is that we needed to leave downtown Cincinnati in exchange for a more quiet set of surroundings. The neighborhood is actually a city, inside of Cincinnati, called Norwood and our new digs are well within walking distance of Oakley and Hyde Park Square. Because of the close proximity to those two neighborhoods, I consider this specific area of Norwood to be up-and-coming and a smart decision for the long term.

Anyway, since our move started a week ago, we've had no access to our personal/MML email or even any of our Myspazz accounts... so if you've sent us a message or music to feature, we simply haven't seen it. Actually, I was only able to post this update because my computer firewall at work just so happens to be down for maintenance today. Hurrah!

Once we get some more boxes unpacked, master the art of lawn mowing/weed whacking and get our new home office wired for sound, we will be back up and running with what we should probably refer to as a re-launch. There will be no balloons or party favors (unless you buy them yourselves), however, we will have plenty of excellent new music to share.

We should be back in just over a week... seeya then!
The Milk

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courtney said...

NORWOOD!! Oh, that's awesome.
From one "Norwoodite" (albeit, the MA version) to another, welcome to the freak show.