Monday, May 26, 2008

28 Degrees Taurus

We were originally going to shut down operations here for a couple of weeks while moving into our new (It's not new! It's 88 years old! - M.) Malibu Barbie Dream-barn but decided, after receiving a CD in the post and listening to the music, to take one last spin in our pink-plastic Corvette before calling in the moving vans. So here we find ourselves with a sparkling indie rock band from Boston, Massachusetts that deserves a number of second listens. 28 Degrees Taurus is the musical collective of Jinsen Liu (guitar, vocals), Greg Murphy (percussion, drums) and Brazilian born cellist Karina Dacosta (bass, lovely vocals), that formed in 2005. With a handful of previously self-released audio contributions, in various forms since their inception, the band now has a brand new offering to share and our ears are very pleased. How Do You Like Your Love? is the title of the new full length album which was recorded over the past year or so and, now that we've had the chance to listen, a high recommendation is in order. The psychedelic drift of seamless guitars are never overpowered by any single attempt at forced shoegaze, and this is a delightfully rare find these days. For more music, stop by the 28 Degrees Taurus MySpace page as well as the 28DT Sonicbids profile... and, if you just so happen to be in the general vicinity, today's featured artist will be performing live next Thursday, May 29 at almost local Lynn/Boston venue Gulu Gulu Cafe. Have a listen... very nice.

MP3: Waves Of Love
MP3: Low Light


Anonymous said...

Ok this completely rocks!!

Ik ben tim said...

Hey i love the name of your blog ^^ greetings from amsterdam!

peteski said...

You took my advice and are moving to Brooklyn?