Sunday, May 18, 2008

Adam Heart

No, we haven't disappeared. Instead, your friendly neighborhood bloggers are currently still buried with nerves, finance and general moving type worries that have kept us away from this magic button machine during most of yet another week. As reparation for those bewildered souls who actually wondered enough to message us with their concerns, we now kick off a week of daily music with a glam-tastic artist from Central/Northeastern Ohio (pronounced "Ahia") we've been meaning to showcase for quite some time. Adam Heart is an impressive multi-instrumentalist who was originally born in Frankfurt, Germany, but now calls Ohio (please say it with me again... "Ahia") home. Adam's four piece backing band, The Children Of Light, currently consists of Dom Vercillo (lead guitar), Phoenix Rainbow (bass), Alexander Nevermind (guitar, effects) and Kyle The Great Elkins (percussion) who are loosely based around the small college/industrial town of Ashland, Ohio. With enough spare change, willpower and maybe even some sort of trashed, yet elegant, tour van... this troupe might just be paying a visit to your local venue very soon. Let's throw a couple of songs at you before momentum finds them featured all over the place.

MP3: Electric Prophet From On High
MP3: Okay To Be

Oh yes, this is a very good thing. To find the track we feel is a certain show-stopper you will need to visit the Adam Heart MySpace page and be sure to click on the song Strictly Ballroom Baby while there. As an added bonus, we have a late night television YouTube video version of the same song with the band playfully lip-synching as improvisation. Enjoy!


Adam Heart said...

You really nailed it! Right down to the crappy gig van! Good job!

Anonymous said...

I saw this band on the Cleveland news early one morning. VERY SCARY!!! What is with the drummer with cheeks as rosy as Raggedy Andy and the zombie-like bass player who rolled his eyes as if in pain on his deathbed? Definitely not what you expect to see when you innocently turn on the local morning news to check the weather forecast before getting the kids up and ready for school.