Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Sad Cobras

So we've been away from the blog for a week of painful home buying negotiation and a mountain of related paperwork we certainly wouldn't wish upon anyone. The chase (no pun) to become true adults and happy homeowners is far from over but we needed to take a deep breath in returning to another submission of music we love... in other words, please be patient with us. Today's featured audio treats belong to a Roanoke, Virginia based quartet known as The Sad Cobras. Aside from the tracks made available below, the members of this band are also involved with an impressive local music collective in The Magic Twig Community which includes additional projects The Young Sinclairs, Boys Lie, Sunking! and The Power Animals among others. After visiting all of these incarnations, a thought came to mind that we just might need to take an entire week to showcase all of this music. Our first listen, where TSC are concerned, revealed wonderfully off-kilter vocals in a DEVO-infused and highly recommended track Body Cast... which is a great place to start sharing the sounds. Here we go.

MP3: Body Cast

Body Cast is just one of the songs you will find on the brand new, self released album titled No More Graves and you can listen to more of it by visiting The Sad Cobras MySpace page. The next live performance will take place at Richmond, Virginia venue Nara Sushi (on the Terasu?) June 7 with previously featured VA favorite Hot Lava. The following are a pair of additional tracks from the new release. The mood is decidedly more subdued but equally lovely.

MP3: Bernice
MP3: My Fondest Memory


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