Sunday, May 11, 2008

Heroes of Popular Wars

Another week away with a mountain of paperwork and un-resolved housing issues makes for a nervous murder of MML bunnies and a not-so-updated blog... however, we can now take a deep breath in bringing you a treat in the form of Brooklyn, New York based quartet, Heroes Of Popular Wars. I'm not sure that many bands we've featured recently can eclipse the balance of experimental electronica vs. acoustic/hungry guitar offerings that seem to fall effortlessly into the ear with what is believed to be a natural lead track in Goodbye. We've also attached the telephone-tastic song There's The Bell in order to seal the deal... just don't try to place an outgoing call while listening. More music is available upon visiting the Heroes Of Popular Wars MySpace page. The next live performance will take place at Philadelphia, PA venue M-Room (M-Room MySpace) June 11, followed by a second chance to fall in love June 13 at Brooklyn/Williamsburg staple Don Pedro's.

MP3: Goodbye
MP3: There's The Bell


Anonymous said...

Hey - thanks for the post. Just wanted to let you know that the shows in Philly and NYC are June 11th and 13th, respectively - Campbell

4casey4 said...

Me and my dates...uggg. It's fixed now and thank you!