Thursday, May 22, 2008


My last visit to Charlotte, North Carolina was just over ten years ago and I remember walking the streets of the downtown area they called Fourth Ward, thinking to myself how much of a lovely city it was. This was just before a big sports stadium was to be built nearby but I'm sure the place is still as progressive as I remember it. Some of you might ask what this has to do with our feature, while most might have already guessed that today's musicians call this beautiful city home. Bullship is currently a four piece, consisting of Sloan Mclaughlin (drums, vocals), Chris Holston (guitar, lead vocals), Jason Michel (bass, vocals) and David Collins (lead guitar), who originally formed in 2000. After a self-titled debut album and live performance dates with the likes of Adam Franklin of Swervedriver fame (who we featured right here), the band has a brand new full length release titled is/was. Both offerings are now available for purchase at CD Baby. You can check out more of this music at the Bullship MySpace page, then download a quite a bit and get some additional info while visiting the Bullship website. From the Ashes is our featured track of the new is/was release and it builds from the most basic of beginnings into a fuzz-tastic guitar flurry we can recommend for sure. The next live performance will take place next Thursday, May 29, at local Charlotte venue Visulite Theater.

MP3: From The Ashes

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Anonymous said...

i saw these guys in knoxville the other day. i was very impressed with their sound. swirling and possessed... i was momentarily hypnotized.