Saturday, April 26, 2008

MML Video: Dana Falconberry

Our initial feature of Austin, Texas based artist Dana Falconberry happened around a year and a half ago [September 2006 review + download], just as the outstanding EP Paper Sailboat was beginning to land some well deserved attention. As an update, we bring you a brand new single, titled Love Will Never Leave You Alone, in the form of a YouTube video. This new track will eventually belong to the upcoming full length debut album Oh Skies Of Grey which is set for release, without any specific date, later this year. Tomorrow night, April 27, you can catch a live performance, with musicians Erika Maassen and Gina Dvorak rounding out the full band experience, at Houston, Texas venue The Mink. If this new single is any indication of what to expect from the new LP, we just might have another year end "best of" mention on our hands. Take a moment to visit the Dana Falconberry MySpace page also for additional info and music. Happy Saturday to all...

From the 2006 EP Paper Sailboat:

MP3: Sadie

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