Monday, April 14, 2008

City Breathing

If anyone just so happened to ask if a song, ok... any song clocking in at over nine minutes, could hold our attention beyond a standard cocktail and cigarette, I would probably be looking carefully for signs of eye redness and/or a Frank Zappa printed t-shirt. This time, however, all bets are off as our collective attention is focused on an impressive entry in the form of a new Roses & Hello label release, titled Look How It's Snowing Upwards, Look How They Move Towards Heaven, from Brooklyn, New York based trio City Breathing. Current contributors Arun Antonyraj, Marwan Kanafani (no, not that Marwan Kanafani... - Michelle) and Ron Tucker have created a true gem in this debut full length album that had our heads spinning nicely after repeated listens. Additional music can be found on the City Breathing MySpace page and there is more information available upon visiting the City Breathing website. The next live performance will take place April 26 @ local Brooklyn venue Monkey Town. Once you give today's featured track exactly 3 minutes to build its lovely base, a shoegaze-threaded and quite epic departure ensues. Plenty of you MML regulars will appreciate this one.

MP3: A Memory of Fingerprints

For another track and our first mention of the band, please visit our previous post from Feburary... right here.


Anonymous said...

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City Breathing Rawks My Sawks.

4casey4 said...

Random band-spam will be removed fo sho...gimme a sec. I have been listening to more of them in my car and love it also.

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