Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Love You Airlines

In continuing what seems to be an occasional theme here at MML, we have yet another good NYC artist with a penchant for interpreting various and highly listenable moments of the 1980s. After glazing over the promotional email and management pop/glam rock description for the band I Love You Airlines, we had a few listens and decided that there was more of a feverish urgency involved somewhere within the recordings. An extended visit to the I Love You Airlines MySpace page revealed, to our delight, that this New York City duo of Edi Kearns (vocals) and Paul Rechsteiner (bass) have bands such as Bad Brains listed as influences. There are also a number of additional tracks you will find while visiting, including a favorite of ours in Diamond Disguise from the latest self-released EP titled A New High. The next live performance will take place May 25 at Washington D.C. venue DC9 as part of the monthly electro-pop event Taint.

MP3: The Snow Leopard


Sarah said...

First of all thanks for all the great music post's-- I love your site! I just wanted to clarify, though, that "I Love You Airlines" will be playing in DC on May 25th not April 25th.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this little tidbit on my new favorite band, ILYA. I've seen them a few times in NYC, and they are easily the best live band performing right now. Expect big things.

4casey4 said...

Oh come on now Sarah, you mean to tell me you've never waited at the door for a month to get into a show?? (j/k!)

Thanks for the correction and kind words. It's fixed now.

Cheers, Casey

Anonymous said...

i love you airlines is the best band in nyc.