Thursday, April 17, 2008

Red Kitchen

Sometimes, it really is what the featured artist doesn't have that is a secondary draw after a few listens to the music. With no official website, label, or even any type of one-sheet submission, a simple email communication was all that was needed to create a stir here at MML. Red Kitchen is the music project of multi-instrumentalist Matt McClure from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. As it was explained to me last week, every song Matt has recorded over the past seven years is part of an ongoing/extended concept album addressing an ageing man and his life as advanced Alzheimer's disease sets in. While this fact alone might pique your interest enough to listen, please know that the music we've heard is a cozily disheveled collection of anthems that stand well enough on their own without any further banter on our part. You can listen to more of these tracks and contact the artist if you so desire, by visiting the Red Kitchen MySpace page. Now that you have at least some sense of backdrop for the music, please give a listen and pay attention to the lyrics.

MP3: The Wake Or 110 Days

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