Saturday, April 12, 2008

Phillip Eno

It's not often we have the chance to feature this much of the back catalogue for one artist but, when we do (and actually enjoy it), you can be sure that an audio experience well worth a few listening moments awaits. The first thing we need to explain is that Phillip Eno is not a distant cousin of popular namesake Brian... or any one person at all. Instead, what we have to share is the work of primary musicians/married couple Lito Vales and Nerissa Vales from Astoria, New York. Along with various friends, Lito and Nerissa have been churning out an amazing amount of music since 2002. The sound floats somewhere close to shoegaze, with strong electro-pop hints and a few other influences (Stephin Merritt) that are failing to register in my brain right now. We were originally only going to feature the few songs we received via email but, after visiting the band's label, Cactus Killer (Cactus Killer Myspace), we found a virtual treasure trove of outstanding music to download. The big news is that two new albums will be released, in the very near future, for 2008. For more information and plenty of additional music, you can visit the Phillip Eno website as well as the Phillip Eno MySpace page. Before beginning with the music, be sure to have a fresh cocktail and/or pack of cigarettes on hand for the ride. Very nice.

From the 2006 release Candelaria...
MP3: Young Thug
MP3: For The Love Of Renaldo Moon

From the 2005 release Comfort Room...
MP3: Fake #1
MP3: Holiday On The Moon

From the 2004 self titled release Phillip Eno...
MP3: My New Day
MP3: Ingrid

From the 2004 release Almost A Love Story...
MP3: You Say
MP3: Brood X

From the 2004 release ETC...
MP3: A Prophecy
MP3: Grand Avenue

Finally, from the 2002 debut release Manila Guerilla...
MP3: Quicksand
MP3: Sinking

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