Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Today it gets good and noisy here at MML as we bring you Long Beach, California rock ensemble Codpiece. The featured track is one of five that belong to a November 2007 self released EP titled Epic Code. Within this debut offering, you can expect to hear plenty of the influences listed on the Codpiece MySpace page as well as a few that had us sorting through our old music collection for comparisons. While the sound is decidedly JAMC, there is definitely Ramone(s) flavor as well as a hint of early Archwelder thrown in for good measure. You can catch the band live tomorrow night, April 10, by making your way to Los Angeles venue Mr. T's Bowl. Need a healthy dose of feedback? Yes?? We thought so. Now might be a good time to turn the computer speakers up a notch or two. Good stuff.

MP3: Whenever I'm With You


Joao said...

Hi Casey! Great stuff!!! I love them!

Anonymous said...

interesting guitar sounds... good stuff.