Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Very Sexuals

As much as Michelle and I would have loved to continue our quest for the perfect chemically restructured lawn/garden and non-disastrous IKEA assembly within our new (old) house, we simply couldn't resist some recent communication with several long time friends of MML. Yes, this means we have returned for another round... and there is plenty of catching up to do, so let's get to it. We originally featured Eindhoven/Noord-Brabant, Netherlands outfit The Sugarettes (Sugarettes MySpace) in January of 2007, followed by another visit/review in September later that year. Most recently, we presented a new YouTube video by the band and... wait!! Why am I telling you about The Sugarettes?? Here is the deal from what we just learned first hand. Some of the artists from that band have created a new project, The Very Sexuals, and the music is well worth repeated listens. Joep van Son and Cox Dieben have returned with this updated offering, along with new bandmates Pien Feith, Niels Philipsen and Rob Bours. The debut album, released by one of our favorite labels, Subroutine Records (Subroutine MySpace), is titled Post-Apocalyptic Love and is available completely free for download if you visit The Very Sexuals website. Also contributing to the new release is Iskaa of the band Foam as well as Oscar Kocken who seems to have an endless supply of music endeavors of his own. You can also get updated news from the band and listen to more music by adding The Very Sexuals MySpace page to your vast collection of virtual friends... they will take good care of you.

Since all of the songs contained within the new release could easily work as a potential highlight, we decided to go with a last minute theme and post the two tracks that have famous musicians listed in the title... Post-Apocalyptic Love is an effective study of the band's influences and solid collection of energetic anthems we can easily recommend.

MP3: Bowie Eyes
MP3: Billy Idol Look-Alike Contest

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Anonymous said...

I'm familiar with the band - in fact, I can't stop listening to Post-Apocalyptic Love! That's a great suggestion =)