Friday, April 10, 2009

Screen Vinyl Image

Good bands always seem to know other good bands and such would be the case for today's featured trio. We originally found them well over a year ago as a result of snooping/stalking the social networking page of another duo we happen to love. Unfortunately, the track that was downloaded at the time (before MySpace committed suicide/disabled downloading) was never re-named on our computer desktop and we eventually forgot about that lovely song known only to us as "rtz57mx8que573ks.mp3". Now, after all of this time, there is a chance to redeem ourselves as a result of an email message received from long-time favourite label Safranin Sound. The band is Screen Vinyl Image and they are an experimental/psychedelic three piece consisting of Jake Reid (vocals, guitar, beat, synths, bass), Kim Reid (synths, programming, guitar, vocals) and Nathan Jurgenson (drums, programming, sampling) from Washington D.C. Although they have only been around since 2007, SVI boasts a pair of EPs, an impressive history of live performance dates and most recently their full-length debut album, titled Interceptors, which was released in January 2009. Have a listen to one of the latest tracks...

MP3: Fever

Yes, it really is that good. With influences ranging from the obvious in JAMC and, to a lesser extent, My Bloody Valentine, Screen Vinyl Image maintains the unusual balance of paying homage to the past while forging their own unique sound path that defies genre classification. Upon further listening, we found ourselves imagining these songs haunting the empty, damaged interior of a 70s era abandoned discotheque or boarded-up rollerskating rink (video concept?) At that very moment, those lovely chills up the spine returned to remind us why music is so very important. For additional information on purchasing a copy of the debut LP Interceptors and to preview more music, we suggest a visit to the Screen Vinyl Image website as well as the compulsory Screen Vinyl Image MySpace page. The next live performance will happen this evening as SVI takes the stage at a recently established venue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania known as M-Room. Another preview from the new album for you:

MP3: Asteroid Exile

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deluxa said...

awesome doesn't begin to describe... i also got their vinyl album while they were on their latest mini tour, and have to say it is one stunning piece of design--both physically, and sonically--really helping to bring back music as a coveted object. id highly recommend buying the vinyl as an addition to anyone's collection.