Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sex Jams

Glancing at the subject line for today's artist might have some wondering if a collection of sultry remixes suited for an evening of hot fornication awaits the ears. We mistakenly expected the same when originally checking out our featured band, but were pleasantly caught off-guard once the music took it's raucous shape. Sex Jams is a stirring indie rock four piece consisting of musicians Lukas (guitar), Katie (vocals), Christoph (drums) and Flo (bass) from Vienna, Austria. The band's debut 7-inch single is set to be released next month through Austrian label Fettkakao Records (Fettkakao MySpace) and then again later this year on Noise Appeal Records. To coincide with the new single, Sex Jams will be performing live for a handful of regional dates beginning May 8 at local Vienna venue Tüwi. One of the first things you might notice with the sound is the overwhelming influence of Sonic Youth in both instrumentation and song structure. If you are a hardcore, or even casual fan of SY, Sex Jams is an absolute must-listen. Enjoy the following preview of the new single.

MP3: On Our Way Home Is Nowhere

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