Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Charlotte & Magon

It's not often we find a couple who end up meeting one another on the internet while surrounded by music, but today we share a lovely story that mirrors our very own with two like-minded people from different countries who have taken a chance and that extra step forward. Charlotte, from Paris, France, and Magon, a resident of Tel-Aviv, Israel met online and communicated for two years before finally deciding that music, airplanes and eventually love were available options. Together, these two musicians have a recently self-released collection of 9 songs to share, aptly titled Love Happens, as a result of their international relationship and we can easily recommend an extended listen to their musical labors. More of a detailed bio can be found by visiting the Charlotte & Magon website and a handful of incredibly warm new songs are waiting to be taken in at the Charlotte & Magon MySpace page. A few music websites, blogs and zines have focused on the songs that could serve well enough as a love-anthem for this duo, but leave it to MML to find the fuzz-tastic guitar track... a hidden gem.

MP3: Howard

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johnny said...

nice stories. a little heart warming for those of us in similar situations. thanks.