Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Our compliments on the Black Flag t-shirt

Many of the artists we feature on MML present a warm take on the phenomenon of love, while others seem to wrap themselves completely in the much darker and certain subject of death. Admittedly, our morbid curiosity is piqued on each end of the spectrum, however, it's not so often we find a band that is capable of blending the two together in such a cheerful manner. Introductions are well in order... Groom is the five-piece of Michael Stevens (guitar, vocals, synths), Jeroen Saegeman (guitar, melodica, keyboards), Wil McDermott (bass, synths), Brian O’Higgins (drums) and Ruan Van Vliet (drums, percussion, synth, autoharp) from Dublin, Ireland. Since 2004, these musicians have been writing and performing music and now have a mini-album to share titled At The Natural History Museum which is set for release next week, on April 24. To coincide with this release date, a live performance will take place that very same night in the upstairs portion of a fairly legendary local Dublin venue Whelan's.

Upon listening to At The Natural History Museum we found an impressive collection of catch-driven, guitar based pop songs, guided by the underlying wit and teetering vocals of Michael Stevens. The basic yet effective instrumentation and setup are solid enough for the band to avoid many of the peripheral bells and whistles commonly overused by similar guitar pop artists, which is refreshing to say the least. Have a listen to the following pair of tracks that belong to the brand new album from Groom.

MP3: Mythical Creatures
MP3: Let's Die Together

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