Monday, April 20, 2009

The Love Story

It's been well over two years since our original review of today's featured three-piece in December of 2006, but after squirreling our way through the post and excitedly retrieving a bright blue bubble-pack envelope with a familiar address label, we now have an impressive new collection of songs to report. The Love Story is a New York City trio consisting of musicians Molly Donahue (vocals, guitars), Renn Cheadle (guitars) and Jason Trammell (percussion, vocals, additional noise) who have a pair of previous releases and a brief bio that is well worth reading. The latest offering is a full-length album, titled Mink, which was made available through NYC label Blonde Records in recent weeks. With slow-burning intensity and a raw sound that captures what could easily be the recording process of a single microphone placed on a cold basement floor, TLS once again delivers a true lo-fi gem. The next live performance will take place this Friday, April 24 at local Brooklyn venue Dead Herring House. Lovely.

MP3: Puerta Rica

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Michelle said...

Holy shite, this really is like unto a Bleach gig, circa 1991. And I mean that in a good way. Obviously.