Sunday, April 26, 2009


How could we possibly end a gorgeous, sun-drenched weekend of gardening, beer consumption and sweat dripping off the nose without giving you a taste of the soundtrack? Admittedly, most of our listening centered around some old GBV and the new Bob Mould album (can you blame us?), but we also found the time to re-visit a band that was originally featured back in May 2007. For those not familiar, Dreamdate is the duo of Anna Hillburg (bass, vocals) and Yea-Ming Chen (guitar, vocals) from Oakland, California. As a follow-up to their debut album Come Over Now, these two upstanding young tryst-hunters, along with friends, have a brand new full-length offering, titled Patience, which is set to be released through Chocolate Covered Records (CCR Myspace) as well as Skywriting Records (Skywriting Myspace) in just a few short days. To celebrate this collection of new songs, there will be a Dreamdate CD release party on May 9 at local San Francisco venue The Knockout. If you happen to hold the glory days of 80s label Homestead Records close to your heart and could use a reminiscent yet new fix, this band will not disappoint. Two lovely previews from Patience for you...

MP3: Have I Told You
MP3: 8 Sleeves


westmont said...

old gbv? you make it sound like theres something new on the way. ha. lately forever since breakfast sounds like the best record ever. anyway, dreamdate sound solid. thanks.

Starter said...

Does this band have a song called Break Up? I heard it on the radio and really loved it. I can't get a hold of the track list for their CD.