Friday, January 18, 2008

The Vera Violets

This might just be our first borderline-shoegaze artist of the new year... and yes, this is some good stuff. I consciously mention the term borderline as a true compliment since today's featured artist rolls out a fantastic sound that pre-dates 1989 by around five years. The Vera Violets are a six piece from Tampa, Florida that have a brand new, full length release titled Dirty Rainbow. The new album was released only a few short weeks ago in late December '07 by way of a perpetual MML favorite label Safranin Sound. There are more music treats on The Vera Violets MySpace page and additional info on The Vera Violets website. You can also check out the band's Virb profile but I have no idea what that is and didn't look into it. The next live performance will be for the official CD release party and will take place Friday, 25 January at local Tampa venue Crowbar. We look forward to seeing this TVV bunch live someday. Big thanks to Jonathan from the band for allowing us to get our filthy mitts on a couple of these outstanding new songs.

MP3: In The Sun
MP3: Little Ms. Misbehave

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