Sunday, January 13, 2008


The shop is now officially open for 2008. When we receive new music for a potential feature on MML, the mistake of searching music blog aggregating websites to investigate the saturation (buzz) factor is sometimes made. In the case of today's artist, there seemed to be a post for nearly every track from their recent debut release, so the pretty CD that was sent remained in it's plastic wrapping... that is, until today when we finally had a proper listen. Polynya is a five piece indie rock outfit consisting of Amelia (drums, vocals), Andrea (utility, keyboard, guitar), Luke (vocals,guitar), Pat (keyboards, programming) and Thom (bass). The band is based in Chapel Hill, and surrounding areas of North Carolina, but please don't let location indicate any cliched post-Superchunk/Merge muck. Instead, what you will find is a dream-tastic delivery of well conceived, simple song structures presented with each musician illuminated in equal measure. We chose three songs (which are featured below) randomly, since the entire CD is far too solid to dissect. For more information and to pick up the self released (Childhood Pet Records) 13 track gem, pay a visit to the Polynya Myspace Page. There is also a Polynya ReverbNation profile to check out. These three songs are just lovely and the balance of music you can expect from the CD is highly recommended.

MP3: Old West
MP3: Without A Trace
MP3: Islands

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L said...

Thanks. These guys are wonderful. Another great intro.