Sunday, January 06, 2008

Holland Buffalo

If you are going to wake us up from an early January hibernation session it'd better be for good reason. Today's featured artists did just such a trick a few days ago in the form of an email. We originally featured Portland, Oregon based duo The Harvey Girls almost a year and a half ago [September 2006 review + download]. From what I've gathered, it seems Melissa Rodenbeek and Hiram Lucke have been busy over the course of the past 18 months, putting together a new music collaboration with Sheffield, UK artist Feedle (Feedle MySpace). The fruits of their combined labor can be heard when you check out the Holland Buffalo MySpace page... and we highly recommend you pay them a visit. This formidable new music project embraces the warm experimental stylings most Harvey Girls fans are familiar with, while giving the newly acquainted a solid base from which to explore past and present material from either side of the Atlantic. It's all very good new listening and a great way for us to wake up to the start of a new year.

MP3: Electricity
MP3: Optimistic

(Note to Melissa & Hiram: we need more pictures of Mushi Mushi!!)

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