Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the papertiger sound

Ok, I have to be up by 05:00 am for work related nonsense so this will be a really quick feature of an experimental indie artist you will most definitely want to check out. Dan Gelder has been invoved with several music projects dating back to 1996. He is currently based on the "edge of the fens" which, as my British wife attempted to inform me, is in the eastern portion of England. The music of Dan's present solo incarnation can be downloaded completely free (please donate) upon visiting the papertiger sound website. There is also a papertiger sound MySpace page for your ears to add a new audio companion. These two featured tracks are brand new and an excellent listen.

MP3: magnetic north
MP3: forecast


jimmy said...

hey, same song twice. good song though.

Michelle said...

Oops, well spotted. Not anymore - now there's two good songs.

Thanks for pointing that out!