Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kite in the Air: Magic Marker EP

After listening to an extraodinarily good new single from San Francisco, California-based music project Kite In the Air for the better part of this past week, we received late word last evening that their sophomore EP, titled Magic Marker, was actually just released... within the past 24 hours! Our original feature of their debut, self-titled EP happened a few short months ago when the weather was warming in April 2009. Now that leaves are falling and local temperatures have also taken a steep dive, we find ourselves with a more settled, ambient sound that loses no energy at all in what we consider an overwhelmingly effective next step for this troupe of artists. With a lightly experimental, yet perfectly danceable, backdrop once again produced by Mark Reveley and Mike Genius of WZRDZ, the beautiful vocals of Emma Lucia (Jed & Lucia) we first discovered in August 2006 have not shed an ounce of versatility or loftiness. Be it folk, electronic pop or almost any other genre classification we can imagine, Ms. Lucia's voice could well enough be at home in any setting and is always a warm experience for our collective ear. Additional music and information can be found on the Kite In The Air MySpace page... a song from the new Magic Marker EP for you:

MP3: Stretch It On

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