Tuesday, November 03, 2009

MML Update: Herr Nilsson

Herr Nilsson is a Bergen, Norway-based musical troupe who easily won our ears with their most recent pair of EP releases in Today Is My Birthday which was happily featured here in October 2008 and No Man Is Iceland as a follow up in December 2008. Almost exactly one year later, we have some wonderful news and an excellent new song to share. Long Live Herr Nilsson, the band's third full length album since 2005, was just completed and is set for a release date that will soon be disclosed. We are fortunate enough to have received the first single belonging to this new album and can only hope the balance of music is even half this good. From warm and simple beginnings that build into an understated festival of brass accompaniment, Traffic Jams easily allows our blushing little love-fest with this band to continue. Have a listen... please.

MP3: Traffic Jams

Additional music can be found on the Herr Nilsson MySpace page and vocalist/guitarist Terje from the band was nice enough to remind us of the Herr Nilsson blog where more information exists for the the upcoming album. If that were not enough, we also have a YouTube video for Traffic Jams. Enjoy!

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Nice band and beautiful record cover!