Wednesday, October 28, 2009

KC Quilty

In early 2008, our travels landed us just across the Ohio River in a smoke-filled Kentucky hotel room the night before an ever-evolving troupe of NYC lovelies known as Le Rug were to perform at a local Cincinnati venue. It was there we met multi-instrumentalist Julian Fader who happened to be half of the percussion duo for this particular music collective at the time. A month later, we ended up featuring Julian's outstanding solo music [February 2008 review + download] and are now fortunate enough to have another update for you. KC Quilty is the Brooklyn, New York based trio of Sadie Dupuis (guitar, voice), appropriately named Ethan Bassford (bass) and of course Julian Fader on drums. Aside from various regional live performance dates, the band is currently putting a few finishing touches on their debut album, titled Clover/Coriander, which will be released through Julian's own label Cooling Pie Records towards the end of 2009. Hopefully? After having an extended listen to the new tracks that were sent our way, we can easily recommend paying attention to this young music project. Good and noisy guitar rock balanced by lovely female vocals guiding the course always piques our interest and this time we have a telling new preview to share.

MP3: Supernova

*Please Note:* In order to properly produce, manufacture and distribute physical copies of the upcoming album Clover/Coriander, the band has created a Kickstarter Page complete with a bashful yet instructional video on how to donate funds for the cause. What do you get in return? We wondered the same thing. There is a Cooling Pie Records Blog entry that details the ridiculously kind lengths this band is willing to go in order to gain your support... by dollar amount in case you hadn't guessed, and I believe they are dead serious about the $2000 range.

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