Sunday, October 18, 2009

Plastic People

Our series of featured artists from Seoul, South Korea based label Electric Muse is unfortunately coming to its conclusion but, before our virtual music flight departs Incheon, we've saved an outstanding duo to leave your ears humming along. Plastic People is the long time music project of Min Kyu Kim (guitar, vocals, programming), who happens to have founded Electric Muse in 2006, and Ju Mi Yoon (vocals, keyboard). After a self titled debut EP in 2002, these two musicians released a pair of albums in Songbags Of The Plastic People (2003) and Folk Ya! (2006) followed by another EP and eventually the music we find ourselves with today. Snap is the title of their latest full-length offering which was made available earlier this year. A listen to the lead track for you...

MP3: Under The Shadow

For those who are hopefully already listening, Snap is a collection of 12 beautifully understated indie-rock songs that seem to draw influences ranging from later Yo La Tengo to early Homestead Records days with a slight hint of shoegaze goodness threaded into some of our favourite selections for good measure. For additional listening and information, please visit the Plastic People MySpace page and also be sure to check out an upcoming live performance as they take the stage, along with friends, October 25 at an annual Seoul event known as Grand Mint Festival. Another lovely song from Snap...

MP3: History

*Bonus* From the 2006 album Folk Ya!
MP3: The End Of Summer

Many thank-you-type love ramblings are in order for the folks at Electric Muse for sending us a box full of amazing music to share with our listeners over the past few weeks. We would also like to give a heads up on a blog that has been following our posts all the while. Indieful Rok is an outstanding resource for all new music from Korea and Korean artists around the world. We highly recommend bookmarking them for your daily music travels. Until our next visit.... 감사합니다 xoxo Casey & Michelle

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