Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dringe Augh: Individually Wrapped EP

Our unintentionally sparse and drawn-out coverage of various releases from the Electric Muse label will be in the books by the end of this week, but not before we conclude our visit to what we have discovered to be an amazing music scene within Seoul, South Korea. The first of our last three musical entries, which deserves immediate listening attention, is British folk-influenced vocalist/acoustic guitarist Dringe Augh who began writing, recording and performing solo music in 2001. After producing and self-releasing his debut EP Milky Way as well as several demos along the way, Dringe Augh has a new collection of 7 songs in an EP titled Individually Wrapped that was made available through Electric Muse earlier this year. Since we are not well versed in acoustic folk and usually try to avoid describing music as any type of texture, landscape or ice cream flavor (distressed wood, beach at dusk, mint chocolate chip) we will simply explain the result of our listening experience as involving an extended gaze through the windows that keep this little office space warm... very warm. Lovely.

If you find the female vocal accompaniment particularly striking, the woman responsible is Eujie Song of local Seoul duo Sogyumo Acacia Band. Have a listen...

MP3: Tutelar (featuring Eunjie Song)

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