Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chariots of Tuna

Today's featured artists have embraced a band name that might not roll off the tongue without thoughts of movie satire or maybe even a distant constellation waiting to be named. However, the music found us with a new favourite we must recommend for listening. Chariots Of Tuna was originally the solo music project of Ben Morss during the late 1990s in Sacramento, California. Fast forward to 2008 and Ben (keyboards, guitar, vocals) had relocated to New York City, performing with a collective known as The Infinite Orchestra along with musicians Dan Davine (drums, guitar), Shawn Setaro (lead guitar) and Rus Wimbish (bass). Together, these seasoned musicians have given new life to the music of Mr. Morss with a new EP titled Fondness Makes The Heart Grow Distant. Think of a sound that exists somewhere between a polished Beach Boys single and an old dusty album from classic label Homestead Records and you will most likely understand why we are so taken with this music. The lead track for a lovely listen?

MP3: War Hero

It's no small wonder that Slumberland Records is front and center on the Chariots Of Tuna MySpace page.We can't imagine it being too distant of a relationship... for long, anyway.

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