Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Ghosts

Being listed as a shoegaze(r)-related blog by various sources invariably results in an inbox bulging with artists who have been influenced by music within a three year radius loosely surrounding 1989. This time around, we most definitely have a treat to share for those regular visitors who appreciate our continued penchant for this particular footwear-fixation genre. Chicago, Illinois-based outfit New Ghosts have an EP from 2008, a single on Cloudberry Records and now a debut full-length album, titled Scarecrows Against Reason, that was released earlier this summer through Chicago's Fake Label Records. After listening, what impresses us most is that New Ghosts have the presence of mind not to allow a wall of sound to dictate or cover up basic song structures. Instead, the vocals and percussion are front and center for an unobstructed balance in sound we can easily recommend. For additional information, pay a visit to the New Ghosts website as well as what we consider an under-appreciated New Ghosts MySpace page for more lovely music. Two tracks from the new album Scarecrows Against Reason for you...

MP3: Broken Pieces
MP3: Gravity Causes Confusion


Anonymous said...

nice pick! these guys are great. been followin them for a while. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Excellent find. Listening to this band while reading your observations, I have to agree that sometimes the "less is more" approach can provide more impact than the typical shoegaze "wall of sound (and noise, and pedals, and reverb, and delay, and phase shifters, etc)" fallback.