Sunday, July 05, 2009

Golau Glau

Golau Glau are UK-based musicians who have made it quite clear that they would like to remain mostly anonymous for the time being. As much as we would usually consider this some sort of PR carrot'n'stick mechanism, the music is outstanding enough to pique our interest and have us scrambling to share the love after a number of listens. A quote from the band, followed by the lovely new track they sent our way:

"We are shy and nervous and we don’t want people to write about who we are as people or what we wear or how far we deviate from the music that has influenced us, just the music and the artwork. We hope you don’t mind that we haven’t written about how we met or what famous bands we like or how old we are or anything."

MP3: Summer Games

Yes... it really is that good. However tempting it might be to sink our teeth into a number of comparisons in the direction of Tom Tom Club or Future Bible Heroes, another expanded blather-fest can be set aside as we bring you the limited information available to us. Three days ago, the band released their debut single Soft Silver Young / Heartland Half Seizure through London, UK-based net-label Odd Box Records (Odd Box MySpace) and it is completely free for download. There is also a Golau Glau blog where you might find additional tidbits of information as well as a handful of other international music sites who were fortunate enough to receive a heads-up on this newly-formed project. A preview from the new single for you. Simply put... we are smitten.

MP3: Soft Silver Young

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