Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Silence The Foe

As a clear departure from our recent fare of experimental pop and understated indie rock, today's featured artist will serve to bludgeon our regular visitors over the head with an impressive blend of punk, hardcore and all-around raucousness. Silence The Foe is a five piece from Oslo, Norway consisting of musicians Anders Voldrønning (vocals), Marcus Forsgren (guitar, backing vocals), Roland Livar Kjenstad (guitar), Arnbjørn Joar Styrkor Marklund (bass, backing vocals) and Peter Rudolfsen (drums) who formed in 2000 and eventually released a debut full-length album titled Shaking Hallelujah in 2006. After rattling the old windows of our office with this three year old offering for a week, we couldn't help but share at least a few listens. Try this one.

MP3: Privacy Please

The driving sound edges forward without a single clichéd moment in structure or break for unnecessary reflection, with hints of influence heard from The Jesus Lizard or even early Fugazi if we happened to be reaching for distant comparisons. Of course, this is aside from the fact that STF could have easily ended up in the lineup of classic label Amphetamine Reptile Records had they only existed around 20 years ago. Before our gushing reaches ridiculous new heights, another song from the 2006 album Shaking Hallelujah and some information on the current status of the band is well in order.

MP3: I Killed The Last Punk

From what we've gathered, Silence The Foe dissolved shortly after their debut LP but, the original members are still connected and currently kicking around the idea of recording new music. For the latest updates and more listening you can visit the compulsory Silence The Foe MySpace page. Also, for a complete listen and free download of Shaking Hallelujah, as well as earlier music, we suggest the Silence The Foe Bandcamp profile. One last bit of lovely recklessness for you.

MP3: Heaven Have Me

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