Friday, December 28, 2007

Strip Squad: Two New Tracks!

Earlier today another end-of-year treat made its way into our email inbox, so we happily decided to take a break from our "break" to share the music. The first Strip Squad feature on MML happened well over a year and a half ago [March 2006] and we were beginning to wonder if they had simply disappeared since that time. Not a chance. The band is back with what I think is most of the original five piece lineup and some big plans for 2008. As a follow up to their previous album "The Adventures Of Strip Squad", there will be a new release at some point during the summer of next year. Also planned around the same time is a tour of Estonia that might spill into few other countries and a Swedish music festival if they can pull it together. Since the Strip Squad website server is currently down for repair, you will need to check the Strip Squad MySpace page for more info. Both the new and older songs are a perversely darling listen that gives us a guilty appreciation for the band's motto "Too vulgar to be twee". Let's get started with the new music.

MP3: Damn You
MP3: You Cream My Pants

Perverted Bonus: Three tracks from the previously released gem "The Adventures Of Strip Squad".

MP3: Pervert/Expert
MP3: Unreliable Narrator
MP3: If You Don't Take Me Right Away You Might As Well Fuck Off

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L said...

Aren't they Great??! Thanks for the new tunes.