Sunday, May 31, 2009

Three from!

So we made our way back to the States in one piece and have been unpacking our belongings while sorting through a mountain of emails for the past week. Finally, we are all settled in with an impressive assortment of new music and decided on the perfect way to kick-start our beloved MML blog once again. Plenty of our regular visitors are already familiar with Swedish label Labrador Records, but if you haven't been keeping up with some of the more recent and/or upcoming releases, there are definite treats in store for your ears. All of the artists are based in and around Stockholm, Sweden with each of them having a unique take on pop music that finds us addicted. Enjoy and be sure to offer support for the ones you might just fall in love with.

The Radio Dept.

After two years of delay, The Radio Dept. are set to release their 3rd album Clinging To A Scheme a bit later in 2009 and the single David will be available in just under a month. All you have to do is listen in order to understand how TRD have managed to maintain their popularity over the years. Just plain lovely.

Release: Clinging To A Scheme (LP)
MP3: David

Little Big Adventure

Named after a mid-90s video game, Little Big Adventure offers a playful collection of songs with their brand new debut EP The Hateful Eye. Although the balance of music found within this new release escapes traditional comparisons, the title track might have you thinking heavily in the direction of New Order with just the slightest hint of Black Celebration-era Depeche Mode incorporated for good measure. Have a listen...

Release: The Hateful Eye (EP)
MP3: The Hateful Eye

The Legends

We originally featured Johan Angergård and his music project The Legends back in November 2008 and the album Over And Over has since been released. The second single from this impressive full-length offering is now available for preview and is probably one of our favourite releases from the past year or so. Try to find a more beautiful example of noise-pop... we challenge you.

Release: Over And Over (LP)
MP3: Always The Same

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