Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Socialist Leisure Party

In an attempt to do some additional catching up, we've returned to our email inbox and found another recent collection of songs from a label of which we are quite fond. The kind folks at Portland, Oregon label Shelflife Records (Shelflife MySpace) have released a brand new EP, titled Tactical Pop! For Coffee Cadets, from the mostly UK-based outfit Socialist Leisure Party. Musicians Andy Hitchcock (vocals, guitar) and Kevin House (bass) have a history with Sarah Records (yes, that Sarah Records) band Action Painting! and are joined by Axel Amicabile (guitar) as well as Julien Kokot (drums) to complete the new music project. Although the band has often been pigeonholed as "post-punk", a vague identifier that always leaves us scratching our heads, the decision was made to ignore sub-sub-genre classification and explain the sound as energetic guitar-pop with enough classic influence to keep even the most jaded of critics from rolling an eye. For additional listening to the impressive new material, we highly recommend a visit to the SLP MySpace. The lovely track we have featured today is actually a bonus 7" single that accompanies the new EP upon purchase. Have a listen.

MP3: Head In The Hay

PS: If you decide to visit the Shelflife Records link we provided above, be sure to also check out Burning Hearts who we featured in December 2008. Amazing band from Finland we tell ya.

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