Thursday, June 11, 2009


However belated, we have an update to share on a band that was first mentioned here well over two years ago in December 2006. Since this very long time ago, Kayla Bell (vocals, drums, keyboard) and Adam Bell (guitar, vocals, keyboard) seem to have relocated from Oxford to Brighton, UK and have enlisted the musical accompaniment of Al Grice (bass, keyboard, percussion) as well as Matt Twaites (omnichord, keyboard, guitar, bass) to complete the latest lineup for Foxes! The brand new single, titled Who Killed Rob?, was recently released through CatCutter Records and is an impressive new listen that flirts playfully with nouveau-twee while managing to offer the band's longstanding take on traditional indie rock. The next live performance is set for this Saturday, June 13, at Brighton's West Hill Community Hall. Have a listen to this B-side (if you can call it that) from the new single Who Killed Rob? Lovely.

MP3: Albania

Video: Who Killed Rob? (2009)

*Bonus* From the EP 46a Appleside Drive (2006)
MP3: 6 O'Clock

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