Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meeting of Important People

Out of all the regional Midwestern city music scenes we unfortunately neglect on a regular basis (and by "regional" our measure consists of responsible road-trip distance), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has to be the one destination we admittedly know the least about. Meeting Of Important People are a trio that call this Steel City home, and who were also kind enough to send today's featured track our way. From what we read, this single was released as part of a compilation titled Playing Favorites from The Key Party which is a collection of related local artists who have interchangeable musicians crossing over to take part in multiple bands and sometimes perform each other's songs in various live settings. 1000 copies of the CD were originally passed around for free at a music festival in Pittsburgh's south side this past August... and if anyone has a spare copy we would love to take it off their hands!

Upon taking in the very first moments of the song Mothers Pay More, you might be lured into expecting an altogether radio-friendly listen, but as the underlying classic garage feel of the vocals and guitar take shape, any thought other than that of infectious indie folk-rock should quickly disappear. For more music we seriously recommend, as well as information on the upcoming full length debut slated for release in early 2009, pay a visit to the MOIP MySpace page. The next live performance will take place as part of a Roustabout! event at College Station/PSU venue Bar Bleu on December 3. Have fun with what we consider a truly addictive song and expect a follow up on MML once the debut album is released.

MP3: Mothers Pay More

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