Sunday, November 16, 2008


Another weekend comes to a close as we find ourselves sorting through various emails and sounds while having an extended glance at occasional snowflakes now dancing around the window view from our office space. Today's featured music is a perfect audio example of what seems to be pulsing through the senses while making a gentle path to our collective brain at this very moment... and the listen is absolutely beautiful. Suturee is primarily the duo of multi-instrumentalists Julian Brau and Rebecca Adorno from San Juan, Puerto Rico. After forming the band in 2007, Julian and Rebecca relocated to New York City and currently enlist the assistance of fellow musicians Fernando Samalot (bass), Kristian Prieto (guitar) and Eduardo Martinez (drums) for the purpose of live performance dates. Earlier this year, in May 2008, Suturee released a self-titled debut CD and we are just now fortunate enough to have a belated listening party of sorts here at MML.

For those who have already skipped ahead to listen and are having something of a déjà-vu experience, an underlying feel of Yo La Tengo, or more specifically the 2003 release Summer Sun might come to mind in each of the songs featured today. Be it the soft, breathy vocals or attention to detail where each and every string takes its place, the subtle mood created within this offering is one we can highly recommend. For more information on the debut CD and plenty of the music from it, a compulsory visit to the Suturee MySpace page, as well as the official Suturee website should top your list of plans. Let's make an evening of it... shall we?

MP3: Afraid Of Hands
MP3: This Hour

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