Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Self Storage Compilation Volume 1

Every once in a while, we are fortunate enough to feature multiple artists in a single post, with music that fits a certain theme or belongs to a compilation release of sorts. Today we have just such an occasion on our hands in bringing you a few samples from a brand new, sixteen-band compilation that was released November 3rd through Brooklyn, New York-based Self Storage Recordings. The CD is aptly titled Self Storage Compilation Volume 1, and this fantastic collection of music was made possible, available and easily pluckable from our post box last week thanks to label proprietor Andy Durutti. If Andy's name sounds even vaguely familiar to some of you MML regulars, it is probably a result of a certain promotion/support structure he also maintains for like-minded musicians, widely known as Loveless Music Group (LMG Blog). The CD actually includes five artists that have been presented here in the past, but instead of revisiting our friends, it was decided to dig into three bands we had not experienced previously. Self Storage Compilation Volume 1 is a listen we can easily recommend... so let's get to some of this lovely (or should I say loveless) music that will serve as a good cross-section of what you can expect from the CD.

The Invisible Kid

MP3: Where'd You Go?

The Soundscapes

BNS Profile:
MP3: Here's When


MP3: Nowhere

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kkrriisstteenn said...

this comp is great and really helps identify and promote a great group of musicians. they may not be famous yet, but their music is diversely appealing and uniting, and part of a group that's looking forward, and creating a scene.