Monday, November 24, 2008

Chapman & Brocker

Another Monday evening is at hand and we find ourselves sorting through plenty of brand new/unreleased music to share here on the blog. This time, however, we have an amazing offering from almost a full year ago that deserves the serious attention of anyone who may have overlooked it over the past several months. Chapman & Brocker is a Thousand Oaks/Los Angeles, California based duo who happen to be brothers and got their start working on the score for a surfing documentary titled Best Hours Of The Day in 2004. Since this initial project, three years of collaboration in the writing, recording and production were spent on a full length, December 2007 collection of songs titled Dance Of The Crazy Man. The album was completed and made available without any assistance or support of a record label and although this might seem more common than not in these DIY days, the result is not usually this striking. We'd definitely suggest a first listen to understand our most recent music fixation...

MP3: Chimes

The experimental goodness that is Chimes serves as the lead track for this debut release and is the perfect introduction for what turns out to be an impressive assortment of Tin Pan Alley flavoured fairytales. Imagine the creativity of classic Todd Rundgren, warmth of Benjamin Folds and subtle savvy of Trentemøller, intertwined if not completely fused, and you probably have the closest estimation of our new-found love for the sound this duo recently brought to our attention. Before having another listen, let us first direct you towards the Chapman & Brocker website as well as the C&B MySpace page for more music and information. Another favourite for you...

MP3: The Hearth

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