Tuesday, March 18, 2008


For regular visitors who might feel a bit neglected as a result of our lack of updates where shoegaze and related fuzz-tastic music are concerned, this might just be the post for you. Today we feature Skylight, a band that originally started out in 1990 with founding musicians Perry (bass, guitar, vocals, loops) and Brent Martino (guitar, programming, keyboards, loops), who, at the time, were residing in Boston, Massachusetts. After plenty of lineup changes and an eventual break in 1996, the duo reformed eleven years later in Chicago, Illinois with 2007 additions Kim (vocals) and Grant (drums, evil chants) to complete the full band once again. The years of separation might seem amazing enough, or at least worthy of note, but once we had a listen to the band's new demo track Winter Nights there was an instant recognition that the music was indeed a product of first-hand experience. More songs are available upon visiting the Skylight MySpace page so you had better glance down at the footwear and adjust your volume to ear-bleeding levels. Silly I know... but damn, this is good.

MP3: Winter Nights

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