Monday, March 29, 2010


There's a bit of MML history involved with today's featured artist, so be prepared for a number of links to previous mentions and music that can be recommended without hesitation. Joep Van Son is an Eindhoven/Noord-Brabant, Netherlands-based musician we originally became aware of when first featuring Subroutine Records artist The Sugarettes back in January 2007, then again in September 2007. With these early introductions out of the way, our follow up happened in June 2008 for spin-off endeavor The Very Sexuals and we now have a long-awaited update to report. Nikoo is a new music project that once again finds Joep Van Son surrounded by friends for a raucous self-titled, debut EP release that deserves a close listen. After the noise-tastic opening tracks Gimme Hell and Cow sent us swiveling around in our office seats with ear-to-ear smiles, this brief collection of songs ended up producing more than enough warm moments to seal the deal. A pair of favourites from the new EP have been singled out here and there is good news for interested ears. The entire release can be downloaded completely free by visiting the Nikoo website. Although there are no live performance dates yet listed for the early months of 2010, Nikoo is set to participate in the annual Tilburg music/arts festival Incubate later this year in September. Enjoy.

MP3: You've Got A Strange Effect On You
MP3: Marquee

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Joao said...

Hi! Just read this and hear the band, and Nikoo are absolutely great! Thanks for posting this!