Sunday, April 04, 2010

I Love You Airlines

I Love You Airlines is a New York City music project we originally featured in April 2008, with primary contributors Edi Kearns and Paul Rechsteiner piquing our interest in an EP titled A New High. Not much in the way of updates over the past couple of years until we received a much-welcomed heads up for their brand new single Horizon/Landing the other day. With the enlistment of NYC electronic(a) guru Gregory Shiff and a drummer simply known to us as Dave, the band has a breath of fresh energy to revive a pair of older songs that have been collecting dust up until now. After listening, be prepared for a sudden urge to visit the ILYA website as well as the ILYA Bandcamp for downloading this single, but also be forewarned... this is driving pop that culminates in a listening experience we can only liken to being gently inhaled by a jet engine. Lovely.

MP3: To The Horizon, Baby

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